Permissions for non-admin users

Dec 23, 2011 at 10:33 PM

I think I have everything properly set up: this module installed, IIS says win-auth only, app-pool user can write anywhere in the site directory, database seems to be working - the site loads.

Now, I'm logging in as windows user who's in contributor role. I can access the admin page (less options for me), and I can create a page and save changes to its content. Clicking the publish button results in the auth-prompt (not desired workflow, but admin credentials work, but an unrelated exception occurrs).

URL that the button-click posts/redirects to: /Admin/Contents/Edit/9 (9 is probably my page id).

Did I do something wrong in the setup, so that non-admin users cannot do operations they should be allowed to do by the definition of their roles, or was this problem not anticipated? Can anything technically be done?

The site works just fine for anon users, but I'd like to use roles to elevate permissions as they dictate.

Thank you.

Jan 7, 2012 at 3:41 PM

Hi hlubovac!

It is difficult to say what was happening with your site. The module is really simple and exceptions may cause only 'unauthorized access' actions. If exception name is UnauthorizedAccessException or something like 'unauthorized**' then I'm rigth and you need look trought contributors role rights configuration. In another case I need more information about the exception (text and stack trace)...

I'll try to install orchard and my module and test this situation (at now I have no Windows and orchard on my computer)...

Thank you.